Our Mission
Nothing Beats Fresh
Access amazingly fresh produce right from the comfort of your apartment lobby. Stop compromising with delivery, we provide everything you need 10 feet from your door.
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Adding Value to Your
Apartment Offerings

Unlike other amenities, Picomart has zero startup cost for apartments. We provide the kiosk, produce, and maintenance! We utilize minimal real estate at no cost to you and provide a valuable amenity to tenants. Your tenants will be excited to access amazing groceries just feet from their door. It’s a win win.


Utilizing the size of a standard refrigerator (26" x 25" x 76"), the real estate is minimal and can easily fit in any apartment lobby.


Tenants will have the convenience of shopping directly from the monitor, which means completely autonomous shopping.


We love our local farmers. That’s why most of our items are stocked using local, sustainably grown produce. 

Our Belief
We believe, support, and love our farmers

We're here to bring amazing produce to your doorstep. Choose exactly what you want from our temperature controlled kiosks. Our advanced monitoring ensures our produce selection will always be fresh, our guarantee.

Wilson Farm
Lexington, MA
Queen's Greens
Amherst, MA
Red Fire Farm
Granby, MA
Wards Berry Farm
Sharon, MA
Wishing Stone
Little Compton, RI
Confreda Farms
Hope, RI
How it Works

3 Easy Steps

Swipe Card

Head over to your nearest Picomart and swipe your credit card on our secure payment platform. We use industry leader, Nayax, to ensure your payment details remain safe.


Open the door and shop! Our platform will only charge what you take. Picked an item, but changed your mind? No worries, simply put it back in its bin and you won’t be charged.

Close the Door

Once you're done, simply close the door and your payment is complete. It’s that simple! You’re only charged for what you’ve taken from the fridge. Now enjoy the amazing groceries!

Fresh Produce

Our produce comes from fantastic farms across New England
Green Kale, Bunch
Vine-Ripened Tomatoes

Pantry & Drinks

We work with amazing brands to bring you the best items
Chicken Broth, Kettle & Fire
Kombucha, Synergy
About Us

We believe in local farms and supplying amazing products to apartments by providing a fast way to access fresh produce 10 feet from your room.

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